Last month on 30th October, our 4-days workshop was graciously hosted at MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) in Cyberjaya. This workshop focused on storytelling concepts, easy, and advanced approaches to data collection, and fast ways blending of data to find new segments of customers in the context of promising revenue trends. The content of this workshop was designed for beginners and intermediaries that are ranges from:

  • Entrepreneurs and startups enthusiasts
  • Practitioners who have a solid critical and quantitative basis (e.g. comfortable using Excel for simple calculations)
  • Professionals with diverse backgrounds including analysts, researchers, econometricians, developers, engineers, architects and more
  • Managers investing in building an awesome data team and data strategy

We were fortunate to have three esteemed facilitators: Chan Yee Hui, Nadav Rindler, and Raja Irwan Shah Raja Hassan (also known as Shak). The workshop was not just about presentations and talks, given our facilitators learning-friendly and industrial-relevant experience, they provided hands-on exercises with students to make sure they apply their predictive and analytical skills into practice. We were excited to see the majority of our attendees were newcomers, with 31% women joining us in the workshop. We were very pleased that our host, MaGIC provided complete facilities needed for us to run the workshop. The in-house cafe in the venue makes it convenient for us to enjoy our breakfast, lunch and tea breaks with the rest of the students.

From the first day, Nadav Rindler, walked through with students on how to do better storytelling and visualisations with Python on Jupyter Notebooks. Students were also taught on how to scrape data from websites, understanding few keys on do’s and dont’s when scraping data, best practices on giving constructive criticism on data visualisations, and understanding the impact and value of storytelling. In the second day, Shak walked through with students on how to use Python on their computer devices, from basic syntax and operators to the coding standards in Python. Once students were informed with the fundamentals, in the third day, both Shak and Nadav walked through with students on exploring more packages available in Python for data visualisations. Lastly, on the last day of the workshop, Chan Yee Hui walked through with students about the best practices on data collections.

In conclusion, we’ve learned that the learning experience should not end once students walk out the door. So, we created a list of the active community of learning that is based in Malaysia, to encourage our students, and alumni to volunteer, participate, and engage in discussions online and offline. In case if you curious to find out about active communities we have in the country, we shared the list publicly on our Facebook page.

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