In our first blog, we announced our launch of our first seven weeks #PersonalizedLearning Data Science On-Ramp Short Course on 23rd September this year at ELM Business School in HELP University. Now, we’re proudly announcing again that the course is finished for the year. The short course focused on data science topics that are relevant across industries. We’re fortunate to have experienced instructors to teach, consult and guide students about everything they need to know about the data science field.

For seven weeks of Saturday & Sunday, our short course schedule was designed to walk through with students from beginner level to intermediary level. Apart from presentations and talks, we apply the similar concept of learning from our previous workshop at MaGIC which we put more weight on hands-on exercises, and group discussions. Each class, our instructors introduced tools that are widely used in the industry complementing the topics taught:

What’s the difference about this course is that we allocated two days for students to break into groups, and ran data challenges courtesy of iPrice dataset. The objective of the group data challenges is to apply concepts from data science in context, programming, data collection, database concepts, data preparation, visualisation, and storytelling to explore a complex, real-world dataset for actionable insights. Each group are divided to 4-5 people at least to work on the data challenges. We provided step-by-step group tasks and suggested activities for students to explore together in their respective groups. At the end of their data challenge, each group presented their findings by using their visualisations and storytelling skills. In addition to this, we also have online group chats to allow students to interact with organizers and instructors. We were excited to see the majority of our students were newcomers, with 67% women joining our course.

Each week of the course, we provided weekly tests to measure students competence after classes end. At the end of the course, we provided the final post-course test to measure students overall competence from the beginning until the end of the 7th week. The weekly and final tests are not the only components for us to measure students competence and progress, we also use group discussions and instructors engagement online and offline.

In the spirit of active learning, we believe that engagement between students and instructors plays an essential role in the process of learning, not just attending the classes for the sake of attendance. We also believe that real challenge of learning happens more beyond MCQs tests through in-class hands-on exercises, group data challenge and independent activities. Which is why we never restrict students from learning more than they should. In the spirit of capacity building, we highly encouraged our students to join our line of instructors to pass the knowledge baton to new students.

In case if you would like to know more about the course, please do not hesitate to drop a message to our Course Manager, Nany. We loved to work with potential partners and prospects who would be interested in exploring project collaborations with us, be it in education or research. We also love to share ideas and experiences with you. To keep up with our updates online, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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