We’re happy to announce that we are looking for data practitioners who have stories to share, including compelling visualisations with insightful approaches and processes in crunching numbers. Selected writers will be provided with the opportunity to have their stories published in soft copies. In addition to this, we will be exploring crowdfunding and revenue sharing opportunities with authors.


We seek data practitioners in several categories:

  • Compelling visualisations
  • Professional coding
  • Robust and sound data science approach
  • Originality of use case relevant to Southeast Asia
  • Compelling stories
  • Diversity of use cases
  • Clarity of writing
  • The story provides lessons learned or best practices for the readers
  • Workflow, processes or team setup that works or doesn’t work
  • State of the data science landscape in our region
  • Challenges that commonly faced

We will select only 12 writers from these categories in a flexible fashion based on merit. Each writer will receive staff supports in content curation, publishing costs, and publicity to our communities and employers.

Expectation of a writer

Once the proposal has been submitted, writers are expected to share a story in 3,000 words minimum. We will share a new deadline for stories submission for publishing purposes.

Focus areas

In this book, we are exploring with potential writers several key areas of data stories:

  1. Social justice issues such as poverty, death penalty, environmentalism, access to health care, labor rights, migration, immigration, gender-based violence, sexuality rights, civil rights, and access to education.
  2. Public affairs such as corporate social responsibilities, government and parliamentary developments/operations/implementations.
  3. History such as the evolution of communications online and offline, art, sports, human development, media, transportation, architecture, fashion, education, and science.
  4. Business insights such as marketing, agriculture, finance, e-commerce, service industry, and manufacturing industry.

Application process

Those interested in becoming our writers are asked to submit their proposal here: http://bit.ly/2018DataStoriesBook. Links to publicly available code and work samples are strongly encouraged. Please submit the following form and attachments by January 17th 2018.

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