What we have explored and executed in 2017

Data Science On-Ramp Short Course

This year, we’re fortunate to co-organize a 7-weeks short course with HELP University on data science. We’ve accepted over 24 students from various industries. Adax Asia financially supported the course, and iprice group donated the datasets used for the 2-days group data challenges. In addition to this, we’ve welcomed over 12 teaching instructors that provided personalised learning experiences on various data science topics. Read more about the recap blog mentioned here: http://bit.ly/RecapDataScienceOnRamp

Fast Business Insights with Data

We have organised 4-days workshop at MaGIC on how to use datasets for the benefits of business’s goals. The workshop also includes effective ways of data visualisations, analysing and web scraping. Despite having a shorter workshops duration, our teaching instructors provided insightful teaching materials and hands-on exercises that allow students to grasp the conceptual aspects balanced with technicality. Read more about the recap blog here: http://bit.ly/RecapFastBusiness

Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit

We have organised a workshop at #GECommunity2017 under Education Lab. The workshop was about the concept of personalised learning, ways on how we applied the concept in our recent short course and other educational workshops such as Fast Business Insights with Data, and Rising Tide. From the workshop, we also gained a welcoming interest for data science courses. Despite being scheduled for the last workshop of the day, we thank individuals who came by and stuck with us until our workshop ends. Read more about the recap blog here: http://bit.ly/UpdateGECommunity2017

What we look forward to in 2018

Advanced classes

We are currently planning few up-coming advanced classes in 2018. The classes open for 15 persons per class only and welcome anyone who is interested in participating. In our classes, we will have experienced instructors that will provide particular discipline where skills are being developed, utilised and distributed. In addition to this, our instructors will dive into topics that rarely covered in many data sciences workshops and short courses.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and MailChimp newsletter for more updates about our classes.

Data stories book

Apart from advanced classes, we are also planning to curate and publish a regional data stories book in 2018. In this book, we will compile 12 compelling stories written by data practitioners around Southeast Asia with insightful data visualisation, exploration and analysis. Call for writers are still open until January 17, 2018. Read more about the background of the book and the application process here: http://bit.ly/DataStoriesDetails

Rising Tide

Rising Tide is a project for companies with cultures of openness, innovation and knowledge-sharing. From this project, companies will be able to develop in-house talent, reduce recruitment costs, build a culture of continuous learning to add value to business outcomes, adopt best practices from market leaders across industry sectors, and build a reputation as a preferred employer in the tech community. We are currently exploring potential prospects who would be interested in working together with us on this project. For more inquiries, please contact sandra@dataviz.my and chan@dataviz.my.

Daily #dataviz and #datastories pick

When it comes to best practices, we’re always looking for ways to present data more understandable to the target audience. Our daily pick is a chance for us to honour those who have done remarkably well in exploring, analysing and visualising datasets, and acknowledge insightful stories. We will be sharing selected articles published online on our Twitter, and Facebook feed. For those who have not followed us, yet. It is not too late to hit that follow button!

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