We’re giving away two sponsored tickets to anyone who is interesting in participating Women in Data Science KL Conference this year at SEEK Asia. Here’s how you can win yourself a seat at the conference and redeem the sponsored ticket, simply fill in our short survey and successful people will be notified — applications will be judged on the motivation for attendings: http://bit.ly/SponsoredTicketsWiDSKL2018

What is Women in Data Science Kuala Lumpur? The inaugural event in KL hopes to highlight current developments in the ever-changing world of data science, as well as create awareness of the exciting projects being carried out by women data scientists locally and in the region. Joining together with the conference organizers, we hope to reach out and bring together a community of data scientists of all experience levels to generate discussions as well as support for data science projects.

WiDS KL 2018 conference is a part of the Global WiDS Conference which is held at Stanford University and 100+ locations around the world. Would you like to be part of this event? Win a free seat and join us!

Lastly, don’t forget to follow these hashtags #WiDS2018 #WomenInDataScience #WiDSKL2018 in social media for more updates about the conference!

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