Last week on Saturday, 14th July 2018, we co-organized a half-day workshop with SALT. Senior Managers and Chief Executives attended and participated in our discussions about acquiring useful insights through analytics.

We invited two of our esteemed instructors; Salim Khubchandani and Teng Chan Leong. Salim is a seasoned Digital Marketer, and Chan Leong is an experienced Digital Strategist. During the workshop, we covered six key aspects of digital marketing and analytics : Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Journey, Segmentation in Customer Personas, Consumer Purchase Mapping (Online to Offline), Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Transformation, Digital Advertising Performance Analytics, and Social Analytics (Brand Sentiment on Social Media).

Key Takeaways

Through our discussions, it reinforced the view that there is the growing need for convergence across disciplines in an organisation to embrace technology in order to deliver a better customer experience, and the data-driven performance marketing becoming even more crucial as competition stiffens. In addition to this, there is a growing need as well as focus towards security and privacy whereby customer data. One of the critical challenge highlighted was many individual software/tools are difficult to be integrated to have a holistic view but at the same time, some initiatives in this direction being taken.  As such, it is a significant indicator that more company roles will require the understanding of consumer insights and need for immediacy and innovation, and the ability to integrate various tools for ultimately an enhanced customer experience.

Moving forward

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been part of this workshop as we now know there is more work we can do to dive deeper into our lessons learned through training and publishing content. We eagerly look forward to work with potential would be happy to share ideas and experience. Do not hesitate to drop an email to DataVizMy’s gatekeeper, To keep up with our updates online, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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