This year, we have co-organized two masterclasses with The Star Media Group at Menara Star in Petaling Jaya. Chief Executives, Senior Managers and Senior Executives have attended and participated in our masterclass about leveraging customer data from the lens of digital marketing.

On the first masterclass in 13th March, we invited two esteemed instructors; Nadav Rindler and Salim Khubchandani. Nadav is a senior data scientist, and Salim is a seasoned digital marketer. Nadav Rindler covered analytical aspect of marketing while Salim covers real-world case studies. The objective of this 1-day event, both instructors walkthrough with participants in finding out how big and small data can be applied to grow customer base. The topics that we included in the first masterclass are as follows:

  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation and Profiling
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Predictive Analytics for Acquisition, Retention, Cross-promotion, and Upselling

On the second masterclass in 18th and 19th July, we invited Teng Chan Leong, an experience Digital Strategist and welcome Salim Khubchandani again as co-instructor. In this masterclass, we focus on diving deeper into understanding and grow customer base through data and digital marketing. Additionally, we frame the objective is to improve marketing efficiency and return on investment by connecting marketing efforts to results. The topics that we included in the second masterclass are as follows:

  • Introduction to Marketing Analytics
  • Consumer Journey Map
  • Customer 360
  • Social Analytics
  • Understanding Audiences – Google Analytics
  • Marketing Performance Analytics

Why digital marketing?

Diving into digital marketing is a step for us in overseeing the digital transformation in the marketing industry. In this digital age, as consumers are becoming more present online from the marketplaces to social media, digital marketing is a valid shortcut in reaching out to customers. Additionally, customers behaviour of purchase products online were dominantly influenced by the various content shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, there are many electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and conversational AIs have designed and improved based on customers online experience.

As we explore about customers online experience, their purchasing power doesn’t only happen offline in shopping malls, hypermarkets, boutiques and sundry shops. Customers’ purchasing power also exists online, and as products/services providers, we have to acknowledge this discovery and utilise its potential. Apart from marketplaces such as 11Street, iPrice, eBay, Ali Express or Lazada, the event management and ticketing platforms such as Eventbrite and Peatix allows us to explore more possibilities in reaching out to wider segments of customers. Today, we are now given the opportunity to monetize online content through Patreon, Twitch and YouTube. This monetisation method has been utilised extensively by many content creators such as Marques Brownlee, SuperSaf TV, Geek Sundry and Casey Neistat.

Moving forward

At DataVizMy, we are actively advocating in the culture of learning about data. While we explore the world of Marketing, we want you to join us on this learning journey. We are planning more content creation in Digital Marketing in the future, and we are expanding our teaching resources. Additionally, we look forward to working with potential prospects who would be happy to share ideas and experience. Do not hesitate to drop an email to DataVizMy’s gatekeeper, To keep up with our updates online, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on LinkedInInstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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