We’ve conducted two workshops already this month for RMIT University Vietnam and Monash University Malaysia.

Chan Yee Hui travelled to HCMC to deliver another workshop to the RMIT School of Media and Communication. Using Netlytic and NodeXL (tools which don’t require programming experience), Chan demonstrated ego network analysis for fan pages on Facebook (and interaction with other pages), and sentiment analysis on YouTube. He also introduced basic methods for data collection for network analysis on NodeXL.

Sandra gave a talk at the Monash School of Arts and Social Sciences for Masters research students and shared applications of network analysis for detecting hate speech, fake news and corruption. She asked participants how they would develop metrics for developing fake news; one group come up with the novel “Aunty Test”; which meant that if family and friends in an individual’s personal network hadn’t heard or shared a piece of news, then it could be false. Great idea and name!

We’re enjoying sharing these user-friendly tools to participants who can explore data to tackle problems that have effects on a global scale. Do get in touch with us if you’d like us to run a workshop for your school.

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