Last month we partnered with Preferred.AI to run a meetup focusing on recommendation systems. Preferred.AI is a research undertaking at the Singapore Management University (SMU) – School of Information Systems (SIS). We were also fortunate to have the support of Seek Asia who provided the venue, and sponsorship from LEAD for the yummy catering from GotUCatered.

We enjoyed the following presentations:
– Towards End-To-End Multi-Modal Recommendation Framework: An Overview by Professor Hady W. Lauw
– Focused Crawling for the Deep Web with Venom by Lee Ween Jiann
– Sentiment-Infused Word Embeddings with SentiVec by Maksim Tkachenko
– Incorporating Side Information for Recommendations with Cornac by Aghiles Salah
– Scalable Retrieval of Personalized Recommendations with IBPR by Hady W. Lauw

There was a fantastic turn out from the KL data science community; a nice opportunity to catch up with DataViz My alumni and old friends. The youngest member in attendance was Henry (< 1 years) so it’s never too soon to start your data science education! 🙂

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