Competency Checklists for Data Science Teams

Investing in data science capabilities enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage by deriving value from big data. There is a large demand by Malaysian employers for professionals who have data science skill sets to leverage data for actionable insights. However, the lack of precision in defining a data scientist, and supporting roles, is one hindrance to sourcing and developing talent.

The objective of this report is to help job-seekers, employers and educators identify competencies for data science teams in Malaysia. We have focused on 3 roles: data scientist, data engineer and data analyst. We offer checklists of core and desired skills and tools required by candidates, that have been validated by leading Malaysian employers.

Job-seekers can use the checklists to evaluate their strengths to develop deeper knowledge for the role that specifically interests them. Employers can apply the checklists for building job descriptions and benchmarking capabilities across their teams. Educators may also find the checklists helpful for developing industry-relevant curriculum.

This report was published by DataViz My, in collaboration with MDEC and Big Data Malaysia in February 2017

Download the complimentary report here: